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Making the FORM Innovation Awards

Posted on October 17, 2017 by Max Hunt | 0 comments

In partnership with Well made I was recently commisioned to design and make the FORM innovation awards for 2017.  The launch of the FORM Innovation Awards was held at the SAHMRI on Friday, October 6. There were 10 prizes awarded across two categories being FORM awards and people choice.  The projects selected by a panel of design professionals and through a people’s choice poll.

In designing and creating the concept of the FORM award I looked to industry within South Australia that I had yet to use.  In typical fashion, I stumbled across a small CNC job shop in Hindmarsh where Jordan of Billet Lab has been operating for a few years.  Once I met him and set my materials and processes It was time to start.

Form and Innovation were key in inspiring the overall design.  I wanted to create more than just a static dust collecting statue I wanted to incorporate movement.  The award is held in place by the droplet-shaped counterweight and if pushed will rotate with the droplet always bring in back to an upright position. FORM award

 The FORM award provided work for Hunt Furniture along with 4 other South Australian owned and operated businesses.

To see all the winners please visit Adelaide Review here

Makers Who Inspire

Posted on July 28, 2017 by Max Hunt | 0 comments

I met Henry Thong at the opening night of the Ramsey Art Prize at the Art Gallery of South Australia.  Where we both talked about the vibrancy of the Adelaide art and design scene and how untapped it is.  Henry asked if I would be interested in featuring in his amazing web series exposing makers and designers of South Australia.  


It's people like Henry that are making Adelaide such a great place to work and live. Adelaide forever the up and comer never burning out.  

Thanks, Henry Thong 

Follow his work here

Denfair 2017 - introduction to the SA500 range

Posted on July 04, 2017 by Max Hunt | 0 comments

Well, Denfair is done and dusted and again the time has come to reflect on the great design Australia has to offer.  This year was bigger and better than previous years and it was great to see a lot more indy designers representing their amazing work.  It seems every year Adelaide has more and more designers producing world class products and Denfair was a testament to that.

Big thank you to all that stopped by stand 206 to say hello and check out Hunt's new SA500 chair and stool and have a play with our ST500 bedside table

SA500 chair

ST500 Bedside

 As always all our products are 100% made in South Australia and the name of our latest chair range is a tribute to that - SA500 range will be available online very soon through  Commerical inquiries are welcome.


Best of Denfair

My pick for best design at Denfair must go to Scott Van Tuil for his steel chair.  I saw it over at the Front and Centre stand and that was it. Love at first sight and I can not wait for it to be put into production.  

Head over to Van Tuil


The making of TOM the planter

Posted on April 07, 2017 by Max Hunt | 0 comments

It has been almost a year since our TOM planter was released at DENfair in June and the response so far has been amazing. With TOM's birthday coming up I thought I'd share some insight into Hunt Furniture's first collaboration.

Over the past, 15 years or so good friend and awarding winning graphic designer Tom Crosby and myself could never resist discussions about design, music and drive to succeed creatively. So when it came time to share a project it was just a natural meeting of minds. Tom had always had a little obsession with mid-century design and brought a swag of ideas to wade through.

The first of many "meetings" at the local Grace Emily sparked the initial concept and from there we got stuck into the details.

We had around 15 planter ideas but when we saw TOM we knew we were on the right track. I got straight into model making and many of the finer design details were production driven. I find this is a great way for to add unexpected details to products as the design is forced into certain forms due to the materials and their restrictions. These constraints formed the perpendicular grain detail which is a key feature of the planter.


Sending these boxes around Australia through general couriers was the next challenge.  We needed a packaging design that would minimise excess package waste and provide enough protection so we teamed up with Creative Cardboard in Brompton. With Creative Cardboard, we came up and snug fit folding design providing a safe a secure package solution.


TOM planter available online at and through exclusive stockists.

Black Lime Studio in Norwood SA
Workshopped in Rosebery NSW

for special order please call Max on 0422995004 or email

Hunt joins Well Made

Posted on December 15, 2016 by Max Hunt | 0 comments

Hunt Furniture is excited to announce we have joined Well Made!

Well Made is the curated online platform connecting you with the very best South Australian visual artists, craftspeople, designers and creative spaces. It’s the place to find unique handmade art, craft and design and to commission original pieces. Well Made is for locals and visitors to experience the creative heart of South Australia. 

SMART - DESK - SET // Designed by Max Hunt

Stay in touch with the latest news and events on the best South Australian creatives and subscribe now on Well Made here

How to get involved:

Visit Well Made and meet SA’s best creative practitioners here
Find out what’s on in the creative community here.
Subscribe to receive regular postings about makers, workshops and social events here
Connect with Hunt Furniture and other leading South Australian practitioners at Well Made


Our top 5 from DEN fair 2016

Posted on June 17, 2016 by Max Hunt | 0 comments

Well DEN is done for another year.  The second instalment was, as expected a huge step up from last years already amazing show.  DEN has now cemented itself as Australia's top design fair. Hunt had a good time and the response to our new offerings was great!  We were excited to release two new designs as part of the ID X snap assembly.

TOM - planter - Designed by Max Hunt & Tom Crosby BAZ - pendant - Designed by Max Hunt

Our top 5 picks from DEN:

KIN design co
Connect bar stool

A known favourite of mine Dermot and Janelle Lenaghan have created these beauties. 

Mark O'Ryan
Atomic side table

 Using acrylic right! There is just something special about this piece.


Dezion Studio
Ralph stool

Designed by Asher Abergel these amazingly crafted plywood stools were a standout

Toro Nagashi 

designed by Liam Mugavin Toro gives a soft light and is sure to be a great addition to the Rakumba range


Hup Hup chair

designed by Tom Skeehan. Super clever folding chair bringing collapsible furniture to a new level. 


DEN 2016 was a huge success and will only grow stronger. Cant wait until new year.

Max Hunt

New Release! TOM planter

Posted on May 24, 2016 by Max Hunt | 0 comments


Its been many months in the making but we are finally ready to unveil TOM planter.
Named after a good friend and co designer Tom Crosby we set out to design a multi purpose piece of furniture with character.

TOM is hand made in every way right here is South Australia.  Made up of American oak and steel we have created a versatile piece that can draw attention when needed and then just sit back and blend into its environment.

Combine your own variation of oak, black and copper through the on line selection options.

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