Hunt Furniture Introduces Innovative Stool Buyback Program – A Step Towards Sustainability


At Hunt Furniture, innovation and environmental stewardship are at the core of our philosophy. In our journey to create timeless pieces that last generations, we've often pondered over the environmental impact of furniture production. The question that frequently arises is

Are we contributing to waste, or are we crafting pieces that endure and remain cherished forever?

In response to this introspection and our commitment to sustainability, we are proud to announce the launch of our stool buyback program. With tens of thousands of our stools gracing spaces around the globe, we recognise our responsibility to not only produce quality furniture but also to ensure its longevity and continued use.

Our stools are designed to be indestructible, with steel structures that withstand the test of time. However, finishes can fade, and timber can show wear. This is where our buyback program comes into play. We invite our customers to return their Hunt Furniture stools when they no longer need them. Our goal is to strip these stools down to their core elements, refurbish them, and breathe new life into the materials. By doing so, we can craft brand-new pieces, significantly reducing our environmental footprint.

Confidence in our work
Some may wonder if this initiative indicates a lack of confidence in our products. On the contrary, this program stems from our observation of commercial interiors where businesses often purchase in bulk. These businesses evolve; they may not survive, or they may change their layout and find themselves with surplus furniture. Our buyback program presents an opportunity to recycle and repurpose these materials, aligning with our vision of a circular economy.

Sustainable Future
This initiative is not just about recycling; it's about taking responsibility for the lifecycle of our products. It's about ensuring that, even when a stool's initial journey comes to an end, its story doesn't have to.

Stay tuned for more details on our stool buyback program. Together, we can make a difference, one piece of furniture at a time.

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