Why does Australia refuse to protect their designers?

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Australia’s flawed intellectual property laws  So why does Australia provide Copyright laws and Intellectual property rights to artists and creative industries such as fine art, graphic design &...

Max Hunt UniSA Alumni Spotlight

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The Bachelor of Design (Product Design) and the Master of Design (Industrial Design) programs at the University of South Australia are practical degrees that equip students with the skill set needed to...

The making of TOM the planter

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It has been almost a year since our TOM planter was released at DENfair in June and the response so far has been amazing. With TOM's birthday coming...

Australia's intellectual property law flaw.

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The battle continues for Australian designers to have their rights upheld when it comes to design protection. Australia is perhaps the worst country for intellectual infringement and the...

Tiny Taylor Gallery - Now Open!!!

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The great folks over at Tiny Taylor Gallery in Chippendale NSW opened their doors early October.They have created a great little gallery / home ware store in a...


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Adelaide DIA awards // The best of SA 


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Post DENfair design bits 

You design local so why not make local

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Australia is a great place to be a designer right now.  We have an amazing wealth of knowledge at our finger tips.  Big industry has flat lined with...

When is the time to go all in on a start up?

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This is a question that had me rattled for the past few years.  I have recently joined the club of the self employed entrepreneur but it was a...

Second Nature Pop Up

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I am proud to be a part of the new Pop Up in collaboration with the amazing jewellery designers Naomi Murrell and fashion label Bul. Open every day...