The making of TOM the planter

It has been almost a year since our TOM planter was released at DENfair in June and the response so far has been amazing. With TOM's birthday coming up I thought I'd share some insight into Hunt Furniture's first collaboration.

Over the past, 15 years or so good friend and awarding winning graphic designer Tom Crosby and myself could never resist discussions about design, music and drive to succeed creatively. So when it came time to share a project it was just a natural meeting of minds. Tom had always had a little obsession with mid-century design and brought a swag of ideas to wade through.

The first of many "meetings" at the local Grace Emily sparked the initial concept and from there we got stuck into the details.

We had around 15 planter ideas but when we saw TOM we knew we were on the right track. I got straight into model making and many of the finer design details were production driven. I find this is a great way for to add unexpected details to products as the design is forced into certain forms due to the materials and their restrictions. These constraints formed the perpendicular grain detail which is a key feature of the planter.


Sending these boxes around Australia through general couriers was the next challenge.  We needed a packaging design that would minimise excess package waste and provide enough protection so we teamed up with Creative Cardboard in Brompton. With Creative Cardboard, we came up and snug fit folding design providing a safe a secure package solution.


TOM planter available online at and through exclusive stockists.

Black Lime Studio in Norwood SA
Workshopped in Rosebery NSW

for special order please call Max on 0422995004 or email

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