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Hunt Furniture's new TRI750 .Photo by Max Hunt

 Hunt Furniture's new TRI450 .Photo by Max Hunt

Hunt Furniture's new TRI750 .Photo by Max Hunt


It has been just over a year since the original HS700 stool was made, sent out to homes and businesses around South Australia.  Since then the development of the HS range has surprised me and changed it for the better.  Small details like, screw types excited the hell out of me when I discovered the winning combination.  Once I realised I had a product that people were interested in I had to work out a way of creating the three heights that are available today.  From this the HS750, HS650 and HS450 were born.  In these version I made the seat larger, going from 260mm to 320mm and with that the proportions of the frame had to be modified to accommodate the large seat.


Now the HS range is established, new designs are over due.  Send in TRI450 the first creation since returning from a tour of Europe. TRI had been on my mind since early 2012 but at that stage I didn't want to jump into a new line as the HS range was taking up some much of my time.  Which was great! Inevitably I knew if I made the TRI450 I would also need to create the family, TRI750 and TRI650.  Now I can't wait to see these designs mature and refine as I make minor change after change trying to create something beautiful. 


See the full Hunt Furniture range at or at 1000chairs Medindie.

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