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You design local so why not make local

Posted on February 13, 2015 by Max Hunt | 0 comments

Australia is a great place to be a designer right now.  
We have an amazing wealth of knowledge at our finger tips.  Big industry has flat lined with an impending doom looming over their heads. Meaning the machinists, the engineers and the skilled workers are on the hunt for fresh design meat. This abundance of supremely experienced workforce has led me to previously uninterested parties for help.

Once only dealing in automotive and medical apparatus many of the companies are adapting their services to suit the small makers of Australia.  Showing a willingness and faith in the locals, developing friendships and hoping for that spurt of growth.

Hunt has found support in many local trades over its short time in business including automotive pattern makers transferring their skills to fine furniture and CNC machinists making small batch runs of tableware.

If you're at the stage of wishing to bring a product from page to the palm your local manufacturing hub, usually situated 40 minutes from the city or less is just a phone call, email or pop in away.  Don't waste anymore time.  Trade your hesitation for creation. 



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