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When is the time to go all in on a start up?

Posted on September 24, 2014 by Max Hunt | 0 comments

This is a question that had me rattled for the past few years.  I have recently joined the club of the self employed entrepreneur but it was a decision made not by me but by my subconscious self forcing me out of 9-5 the work force.  I am like many who want it all and want it now but Hunt Furniture was an idea that was special to me.  It was what I wanted to do now and in evolving forms, forever.  So my approach to this business was quite different to anything else I've thought about.  I found myself no longer looking in aspiration at dream industrial design jobs and thinking 'I would love to do that'. Nothing could keep my attention like Hunt Furniture could.  With all this in mind I set myself some rules for growing Hunt Furniture.  My main rule was that Hunt's growth must be organic.  Starting a business is like so many things there is no quick fix or miracle formula its all input-output.  I had to look at Hunt as a hobby and keep my cash flow to achieve the production goals I set myself.  Hobbies are expensive.  Another rule for myself was no finance.  I would be my own bank.  I set this rule so that I would hopefully never have any unwanted financial pressure. The stress of orders, learning business basics and customer relations is hard enough as it is and the worry of not succeeding with a debt against you is daunting.  My overriding rule was just do it I guess Nike had it right.  It may not be easy, it may not go smoothly but the only way for things to get done is by doing them.  This is a pretty straight forward idea but it is one that almost all of us struggle with in many areas of our lives.  Finally, I would say do what you want, listen to everyone and no one but yourself. Whatever keeps you steaming ahead.   People will knock you down along the way but just use that frustration.



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