2017 FORM innovation award

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In partnership with Well made I was recently commisioned to design and make the FORM innovation awards for 2017.  The launch of the FORM Innovation Awards was held at the SAHMRI on Friday, October 6. There were 10 prizes awarded across two categories being FORM awards and people choice.  The projects selected by a panel of design professionals and through a people’s choice poll.


In designing and creating the concept of the FORM award I looked to industry within South Australia that I had yet to use.  In typical fashion, I stumbled across a small CNC job shop in Hindmarsh where Jordan of Billet Lab has been operating for a few years.  Once I met him and set my materials and processes It was time to start.


Form and Innovation were key in inspiring the overall design.  I wanted to create more than just a static dust collecting statue I wanted to incorporate movement.  The award is held in place by the droplet-shaped counterweight and if pushed will rotate with the droplet always bring in back to an upright position. 

 The FORM award provided work for Hunt Furniture along with 4 other South Australian owned and operated businesses.

To see all the winners please visit Adelaide Review here